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 A group of people sitting around a couch with a laptop.
 A group of people sitting around a couch with a laptop.
 A group of people sitting around a couch with a laptop.


The only certain thing in life is change

We know it can be challenging to keep up with the constant changes in technology, laws, regulations and other external forces that impact the workforce. That is why academyEX has created a flexible learning management system (LMS) to suit your diverse needs. Whether you take advantage of our off-the-shelf courses in our LMS, or need bespoke content created, academyEX does it all!

Bespoke course content

Bespoke course content

Our team of industry and academic experts can design bespoke course content specifically for your business; from research through to production. Our inclusive courses cater to diverse learning needs, ensuring optimal information retention for your staff.


Learning management system

Our LMS has been developed for maximum flexibility, security and simplicity. Whether you want to white-label or licence our system, we can help. Enjoy features like live progress updates and detailed reports for effective team learning management.


We’re all about our learners

With beginnings in higher education, academyEX set out to change how institutes teach, in a world of diverse learning needs.

At academyEX, that means putting the learner at the centre of everything. Every course is designed around what our customers want to learn, how they want to learn it, and how it can transform their organisation.

This isn't old school learning.

Gone are the days of textbooks and encyclopaedias. Today we know our learners are time-poor, have learning challenges, and need to stay on top of technology, workplace, and societal changes. Our bite-sized courses make learning fun, by providing easily digestible content, catering to diverse learning styles and accommodating busy schedules. These concise yet potent courses empower learners to swiftly grasp and apply information, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

80,000+ learners

In-person and online courses

84.5% course completion rate

Higher than average for all Tertiary Education Organisations in NZ (81.6%)

Highest rating

NZQA Category 1 Rated Organisation


The Digital Boost programme development has had an extremely demanding and changing workload with a wide range of industry transformation initiatives all revolving around the central Digital Boost platform and the team at academyEX. In dealing with all these pressures and constantly changing demands, the academyEX team have been responsive, innovative, adaptable and creative in delivering this public service for the Government.

Malcolm Luey, Director, Digital Boost, MBIE


We are award-winning

Asia Pacific Talent Unleashed Awards 

Best Start Up in Asia Pacific Winner - 2014 

Awarded by Sir Richard Branson and Steve Wozniak

Outstanding Contribution to Technology & Business in New Zealand

Winner - 2020

Awarded by CIO Awards

Digital & Collaborative Learning Programme

Gold Winner - 2018

Awarded by Oceania Regional Award

Best Contribution to the NZ Tech Sector

Finalist - 2023

Awarded by NZ Hi-Tech Awards

Education Category

Winner - 2018

Awarded by NZ Hi-Tech Awards

Educational App Award

Bronze Winner - 2018

Awarded by Reimagine Education



Check out some of our partnerships

Digital Boost preview

Digital Boost

Delivering essential digital training to small and medium business owners (SMEs), to ensure their business’ survival during Covid-19 lockdowns.

Think New preview

Think New

A learning platform that enables education providers to diversify, access new global learning communities for short courses and generate leads for graduate courses.

Trade & Enterprise preview

Trade & Enterprise

Learning content for exporters. How to enable more export companies to adopt digital tools, channels and processes for international growth.

Digital Passport preview

Digital Passport

An educational platform for enhancing digital skills. Digital Passport provides learners with low level digital understanding to learn new skills at their own pace.


Training to suit all industries

Use our existing courses or bring your own content and migrate it to our LMS. Download our brochure to see some of the topics we provide.

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Develop videos on public policies, administrative best practices, and civic awareness for informed government team decisions.


Craft content about innovative teaching methods, curriculum design, and student engagement for the education team's enrichment.


Create videos on corporate strategies, leadership development, and effective teamwork for the corporate team's growth and success.

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