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Delivering essential digital training to Small and Medium-sized Enterprise owners (SMEs), to ensure their business’ survival during Covid-19 lockdowns.

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A man sitting at a desk with two monitors in front of him.
A man sitting at a desk with two monitors in front of him.
A man sitting at a desk with two monitors in front of him.


50% of SMEs didn’t have a website*

How could the New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) help small and medium businesses to embrace digitalisation, digital tools and new online business models building greater business resilience?

*New Zealand Small/Medium Businesses in March 2020 (MBIE)

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Up-skill NZ in Digital Skills with a free LMS

MBIE contracted academyEX as a key partner for the design and build of a full service education offering, including licensing our learning management system, the creation of learning content and a support team of digital experts to answer customer enquiries.


Video content, expert advice, intuitive LMS

We licensed and made some tailored modifications to our existing learning management system (LMS) to enable tens of thousands of business owners to log on to a dedicated learning website and instantly learn via hundreds of online videos supported by a robust learning and collaboration platform. The simple user design and intuitive user experience enabled business owners to access and learn new knowledge any time, any place and as needed.

Our solution included many hundreds of how-to, expert advice videos, and real world case studies created and developed specifically for the small and medium business audience. From the initial subject research, to the script writing for the how-to videos, from the user experience to the video editing, language captions and data management, we provided MBIE with a full wraparound solution to meet all their needs.

Through licensing our learning management system, MBIE was able to reduce risk and cost of building a new learning platform, while being able to contract a single partner to also develop all the content and learning modules needed to support business owners to adopt digital.

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Changing the digital state of the nation

Digital Boost is an example of how the New Zealand government was able to leverage existing knowledge and an off-the-shelf technical build to launch a successful product into the market within 8 weeks of signing an agreement.

Digital Boost provides a full wraparound learning experience for over 63,000+ small and medium business users, showcasing 1000+ educational videos and learning resources, bi-weekly live online workshops, online conferences and a support team who are able to answer any digital question 11 hours a day. 

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Would highly recommend the Digital Boost platform to their peers

*independent evaluation research about Digital Boost users, 18 months from go live

The Digital Boost programme development has had an extremely demanding and changing workload with a wide range of industry transformation initiatives all revolving around the central Digital Boost platform and the team at academyEX. In dealing with all these pressures and constantly changing demands, the academyEX team have been responsive, innovative, adaptable and creative in delivering this public service for the Government.

Malcolm Luey, Director, Digital Boost, MBIE


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