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By combining advanced technology with a deep understanding of adult learning principles, our LMS is designed to bring out the best in your team. We look forward to partnering with you on this exciting journey of continuous learning and growth.

A woman looking at the laptop.
A woman looking at the laptop.
A woman looking at the laptop.


Learning made easy

At academyEX, we pride ourselves on delivering an LMS platform that's not just cutting-edge, but also tailored to meet the unique needs of adult learners. Here’s why our LMS is a game-changer:

Customisation & integration

Our learning platform is fully customisable, allowing for white labelling to maintain your brand's identity. From your brand logo, colours, fonts, imagery and more. Plus, our LMS seamlessly integrates into existing systems such as Slack, Miro, Hubspot, ensuring a consistent user experience. Furthermore, scheduled live sessions via video conferencing tools such as Zoom can be built into the learning journey.

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Expertly designed platform

Crafted by a post-graduate institute that has learning and development in its DNA, our platform has been created to deliver an impactful learning experience that supports all learner types. We emphasise not just the transfer of knowledge, but also the engagement factor. Learner engagement includes the delivery of video, audio, interactive slides, quizzes, e-Books, and assessments. We want your team, customers or members to eagerly anticipate their next learning session.

Live tracking & analytics

Our real-time tracking system, coupled with detailed analytics, empowers stakeholders and business owners to make informed decisions and to understand individual learner progress and adoption. You can monitor macro trends or zoom in to pinpoint individual level engagement, enabling timely support for areas that may require extra attention.

Live tracking & analytics

Digital Badges for Digital Passport project.

Gamification features

Our platform makes learning fun! With features like completion badges and interactive quizzes, we add an element of gamification, motivating learners to achieve more and relish their learning journey.

Our automated email notifications help to keep your learners on track by encouraging and supporting their progress, building their confidence and deepening their understanding of new knowledge.

Supporting diverse learners

Beyond our expertly crafted content, we actively consider learning barriers from language to physical, audio, and visual limitations. We offer globally recognised accessibility standards and support language captions, transcripts, screen-readers and have the option to add an Accessibility widget to further support all learners.

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